We are a group of analyst and marketers with 16 years of successful experience in the online marketing industry and data analytics.

ITNETDATA guarantees innovative information—essential for the success of our clients.

Our highly profesional team thrives on delivering up to date targeted data as a means to expand our client’s business.


Data analytics/appending

The continued success of our clients is guaranteed by our analytics of live opt-in data.

We specialize in the appending and analytics of daily co-registration data feeds from all business verticals In accordance to CAN-SPAM law.

Time/date and IP stamp are recorded to verify the opt-in status of the lead provided at the time of request.

We guarantee data hygiene,as well as geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting upon our clients’ request.

Investor Data

Increase revenue with qualified sales leads.

IT NET DATA manages quality up-to-date investor data and is a leader in the generation of sales leads designed to expand the clientele of your financial products.

We specialize in targeting qualified financial investors —major business leaders in the U.S., UK, the EU zone, and Latin America.

We employ a variety of hygiene processes specifically designed to increase telephone number accuracy, resulting in immaculate, high-converting leads, such as address verification, National Change of Address (NCOA) and Do Not Call suppression.

Email Marketing

Behavioural targeting and data segmentation

CPA, CPM mailings

Lists from the United States, European Union, Latin America, Asia, Africa.

Campaign/ Newsletter distribution

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